Morning Walks

This is where I do some of my best writing.  When I’m not gazing at the gorgeous sunrises or picking burrs out of my walking companion’s fur or yelling at her not to roll in whatever that is that she’s sniffing, I do a lot of thinking on my morning walks.  Especially during the first draft phases.  This is where I daydream scenes, characters, and even dialogue as I walk.  And as I drive, wash dishes, sleep. . . .  For awhile, I basically feel like I’m living two lives, a real one where the dishes aren’t getting washed and the kids are on their own for homework, and a fantasy one where the characters are becoming almost as real to me as the people in my other life.

Is there a more beautiful place to write than this?



The place my current WIP was born might be close.  I spent two days at a retreat at the St. Benedict Center in northeast Nebraska.  It’s a monastary and retreat center surrounded by corn fields and a very peaceful setting for writing (for getting some of those images from my morning walks into the computer’s memory).  Here’s the center, at sunset.



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